Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Halloween 2012

Geary County Campus Art Show Nov. 2012

Jeff Morton, Smriti & Judith Wilson preparing art

students framing class composite drawing

students sorting the drawings

Verna matting her drawings with student help and special help from her mom!

Elijah Muhammad

Jeff & Elijah

Judith and Verna....happy days!

Sherry, Judith and Verna have the show set up and ready for visitors 

Verna and her beautiful work

Judith with one of her paintings

Sherry with her collage

Smriti showing off her upside down drawing.

Jeff Morton's air brushed helmet

more of Jeff's air brushing

airbrushed motorcycle tank

more of Jeff's work

Verna and her mother

Some of the GCC Art Appreciation students after setting up the show:  Elijah with daughter, Judith, Jeff, Sherry, Brenda Edelston, Dean of GCC campus, Verna and her mother, Smriti and Tracey

Elijah and his daughter w

Elijah and his daughter with his upside down drawing in top right corner of the window display.

Student work in lobby of main building of the GCC campus

another view of student work

Jeff's air brush display

Judith's painting

Jeff with his work on opening day

Sherry and her collage at the reception

Judith and her work at the reception

Judith and Jeff ready for visitors

Kalob Dyke's photos of his speakers built completely by hand

Elijah and Sherry waiting for the show to begin

Jeff's welcome 

Jeff's welcome and biographies of those students in the show

refreshments are ready

Jeff with some visitors

Jeff explaining the upside down drawings to a guest

the show in full swing

students welcoming guests

everyone enjoying the show

Jeff and his father-in-law enjoying some of the work

students and guests

Verna and her mother enjoying the show

Verna with her work

Judith's photograph

Chelsea's box entitled "Art is Life"

Judith's painting

Sherry's collage

Judith's copy of Picasso's drawing

some of the upside down drawings

Lots of activity at the show

Barbara Stevens, Head of the Art Department, CCCC with Jeff Morton, student at GCC campus and organizer of the entire show

Elijah and Judith

Some of my great students: Jeff, Elijah, Puja, Judith, Verna and me

Visitors from the Concordia campus, Dean Nancy Beneda and Dean Chris Wilson