Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sculpture Workshop with Mark Sampsel

Mark Sampsel, from Kansas City, MO., is a nationally known stone and bronze sculptor. He held a workshop at River Bend Bed and Breakfast a few miles West of Downs, KS from October 22-24 of 2010. Sampsel was the assistant to Elden Teft, founder of Sculpture magazine, for several years.

A few of Mark's handmade tools.

Other stone carving tools.

Barbara Stevens hardening one of her handmade tools under supervision of Mark Sampsel (center) and Mike Bristol, another workshop attendee.

Mark demonstrates various techniques for removing stone.

Each person at the workshop had a log for his work station set up only a few yards from the Solomon River.  It was a beautiful setting on this great October weekend.  On top of the log was a sand bag with a piece of carpet on top.  The carpet kept the sharp tools from poking a hole in the sand bag.  The sand bag helped the rock be more stable.  Leather gloves were worn to protect our hands.

Barbara Stevens getting started using a bush hammer to help loosen the hardened weathered surface of the stone.

Barbara's clay model bunny positioned to show the same side as the view of the beginning carving.  The bunny begins to be freed from the stone!

Laura McClure, Cathy Bristol, and Carol Urban work on moving a large piece of heavy marble from one end of the drive to the other, then moving it onto a block using only blocks of wood and steel rollers.

All the work stations set up by the river....a very inspirational setting.

Cathy Bristol, Laura McClure, Carol Urban, Mark Sampsel (standing) and Mike Bristol with their stones at the end of the weekend.  None of the sculptures were completed in the three day workshop, but all of the stones had been roughed out to the basic shape of each artists' design.  

Joe Hubbard, owner of the beautiful River Bend Bed and Breakfast where the workshop was held, not only provided this incredible setting for the the workshop, he welcomed everyone like family returning home.  What a wonderful experience all around!  

Annual High School Teacher Retreat - Crocheted Copper Wire Beading

Workshop presenter, Beth DeMont from White City/Hope High School, with her assistant, high school student Amber.

A wonderful day of learning new techniques, sharing news, projects, and professional tips, as well as enjoying the great company and a perfect Indian Summer October day.

(Left to Right) Alicia Stott, Tamara Constable, April Spicer, and Jennifer Wolff getting reacquainted.

(Left to Right) Amber, April Spicer, Alicia Stott, Tamara Constable, Jennifer Wolff, and Rachelle Cole hard at work.

Finishing touches, Laura Stunkel taking it all in while Beth DeMont demonstrates.

Teachers with their completed necklaces.

Jennifer Wolff - Beloit High School

Laura Stunkel - Clyde High School

Alicia Stott - Solomon High School

April Spicer - Marysville High School

Tamara Constable - Tescott/Bennington High School

Rachelle Cole - Minneapolis High School

Friday, October 1, 2010

Art In The Elementary Classroom

Art in the Elementary Classroom is a course for elementary teachers to help them understand the creative process and to learn and research various media and projects for teaching art to their elementary students.  The students leave the class at the end of the semester with a file of art project examples, handouts and guides on various aspects of art, and lesson plans for at least a semester of weekly art classes.  The following project is to show them how different the same picture will look in different medias and to experiment with and learn how to work with different media.

Experiment with Multiple Medias

Ian Lane, pencil, marker, graphite stick, pastel

Kaitlin Moore, pencil, charcoal, oil pastel, pastel

Painting I f10

Non Representational

Cindy Grover

 Elizabeth Clark


 Cindy Grover