Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Student Work April 2012

Below you will find a variety of work from the Drawing I, Drawing II and Painting I classes.  The Drawing I students show their 3/4 faces after the 2 week crash course in figure study.  This study is purely technique and their improvement was amazing across the board.  They then tried their hand at their first pastel drawings on velour paper.  This paper does not allow one to blend the colors with a tortillion or the fingers.  It is a totally different technique, and for some, this was their first use of pastels ever.  After the pastels, they moved to mixed media after a day of experimenting with various watercolor and other medias.  They could choose any two or more media and use at least one of the techniques they had experimented with during class.  There were some exciting pieces and quite a variety of style with more experimentation by all the students.

The Drawing II students have all set goals for themselves and are experimenting with techniques and media to meet those goals by the end of the semester.  Each student seems to be coming into their own, pushing themselves and trying to draw from memory or from their own creativity.

There are also a couple paintings from Painting I students.  Jade has never painted before and has made huge strides in learning technique. This is only her SECOND painting!   Logan has enjoyed painting his favorite subject....cars, in minute detail!  Amazing.

Kelby Kopfer, mixed media with melted crayon, Drawing II

close up of crayon melt

Shane Hubert, mixed media, Drawing II 

Kelsey Kahre, mixed media, Drawing II

Logan Stallbaumer - Painting I

Aundrea Gardner, waterbase oil pastels, Drawing II

Jade Holt - Painting I

Andrew Horn, 3/4 face in charcoal, Drawing I

Kayla Bartlett, 3/4 face in charcoal, Drawing I

Tasha Young, pastel on velour paper, Drawing I

Shannon Hansen, pastel, Drawing I

Kelby Kopfer, pencil, fantasy caricature, Drawing II

Denray Ottey, pencil, Drawing II

Kelsey Kahre, mixed media, Drawing II

Dakota Webber, 3/4 face, portrait of friend, Drawing I

Kevin Shaffer, 3/4 face, charcoal, Drawing I

Denray Ottey, pencil line drawing, Drawing II

Dakota Webber, pastel on velour paper, Drawing I

watercolor, mixed media experiments

Kelby Kopfer, mixed media, Drawing II

Kevin Shaffer, mixed media, Drawing I

Denray Ottey, charcoal, Drawing II

Andrew Horn, mixed media, Drawing I

Kayla Bartlett, mixed media, Drawing I

Kayla Bartlett, pastel on velour paper, Drawing I

Kelsey Kahre, intricately cut paper, Drawing II

closeup of cut design

Aundrea Gardner, mixed media, Drawing II

Shane Hubert, pastel, fantasy design, Drawing II

Tasha Young, collage, including cut paper relief, Drawing I