Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Watercolor, f12

We are still looking for more watercolor students, but we held class on Monday, Aug. 20th from 5pm to 9pm.  We started with a mixed media piece where the students CANNOT FAIL!  It is a take off of the new experimental work I did over spring break (examples on blog) where the emphasis is on layering watercolor, printmaking, stamping with found or made objects, colored pencil, pastels, markers, and anything else the student wants to use.  These are a couple examples the project.

Theresa Graham's mixed media

Eileen Sutton's mixed media

Back to School f12

We are in our first full week of school.  The classes are smaller this semester so more fun, more time for individual study and an exciting start with some already amazing students!

Drawing I:

Drew Ukens, Krystal Cyr

Macy Havelone

Tabby Ihnken

visitor Blade & Joey Case

Aaric Woodyard

First assignment is a self portrait design for their sketchbook cover.  I took photos of each of them since they were only going to have a couple hours to do the project.  We talked about what color their personality suggested, what kind of lines would best describe them, etc.  These are the results of their work.  A great start to the year!

Elizabeth Laffere, drawn self portrait

Drew Ukens

Joey Case

Krystal Cyr

Macy Hevelone

Tabby Ihnken

Aaric Woodyard, drawn self portrait