Thursday, March 22, 2012

Barbara's new experiments, March, 2012

I have discovered some new artists on the internet and have been experimenting with some of the techniques used by these artists.  One artist in particular encourages PLAY and just having FUN with your art. .....imagine that!  It is something I tell my students all the time, in fact when they walk in my classroom I encourage them to become 5 years old again, before they started school and someone was trying to tell them the right and wrong ways of making art.  I have 5 grandchildren and it is always so inspiring to watch them create.  They don't worry about composition, or colors, or whether something looks like it is "suppose" to.  They just create for the pure JOY OF CREATING!  So I have spent a few days playing, having fun, not worrying about what the art looks like, but letting the JOY OF THE PROCESS fill my heart.  It has been wonderful.  I hope you enjoy the product of this play........but more than anything, I hope they encourage you to fill your work space with all your "art stuff" and just start filling the pages with the joy of your heart and when you were 5!

These pieces use watercolor, colored pencil, markers, ink, stamp pads used to "paint" the backgrounds, foam block prints I make myself using stamp pads to ink the plates instead of block printing ink, some commercial stamps, and one try with torn paper collage added to the mix!

Spirit of Spring

Spirt of Shadows

Spirit of New Life

Spirit of Heaven

Spirit of Hope

Closeup of Spirit of Hope

Spirit of Rain

Spirit of Those Who Wrap Their Love Around Your Heart

Spirit of Loneliness

Spirit of the Garden

Spirit of the Night

Painting I, March, 2012

The beginning painting I students are working on beginning painting techniques, learning how to mix colors, apply paint to the canvas in different ways to achieve different textures and looks.  They have all completed their first non-representational painting and are either just completing their first sunset/silhouette painting or almost finished.  The rest of the painting I students are completing their first main paintings of their choice.

Andrew Horn, non-representational painting

Andrew Horn with his painting of a squirrel

Andrew's squirrel painting

Kayla Bartlett's painting of an elephant

Kayla starting the wash for her next painting

Logan Stallbaumer working on completing his car painting

Shane Hubert's first painting, a non-representational composition

Shane Hubert with his second painting, a sunset with a wolf silhouette.

Drawing II, March, 2012

Drawing II students continue working on new ideas, experimenting with new medias and continuing to grow.

Kelby Kopfer, mixed media

Kelby Kopfer, mixed media

Kelsey Kahre, cut paper collage

Shane Hubert, memorial pastel

Drawing I March, 2012

More work by the spring 2012 drawing I students.

Kevin Shaffer concept charcoal.  The concept has to do with the choices we make in life.

Kevin Shaffer charcoal

Kayla Bartlett's experiment with cut paper.

Monday, March 12, 2012

New overhead projector installed March, 2012

The maintenance crew, headed by Rex Sicard, installed our new overhead projector in the main art room, AB106.  New wiring had already been installed at the beginning of the semester.  Finishing touches involved moving the projection screen over about a foot and a GREAT document camera at the back of the room.  Since several Art Appreciation classes are taught in this room, this new equipment will be a great asset for that class.  The demonstrations for drawing I and II were large and bright and reached every corner of the classroom.  THANKS IT dept and Maintenance dept for helping make our classes more efficient and exciting with this new equipment.

Rex and crew installing screen

new overhead projector

Painting I, spring 2012

The painting I students are all working individually.  Some students have never painted before and therefore are starting with the basics.  Others have experience and are working on more complex pieces.

Denray Ottey's first sunset and clouds

Shane Hubert starting his wash

Andrew Horn, base coat on squirrel

Kayla Bartlett, working on elephant skin

Logan Stallbaumer, working on car hood

Logan, brush at the ready!

Drawing II, Feb/Mar, 2012

Kelsey Kahre is working in cut paper and intricately drawn designs for her mixed media pieces.  The following show her work and several close ups so details can be observed.

completed piece

green stems and individual blossoms are all hand cut and glued to the base over intricate background drawings.

multi-layered flower, all hand cut

intricate drawn design to create flower

Kelby Kopfer is also using mixed media but leans towards more fantasy, colorful pieces.

a "sunburst" iris

Kelby's self portrait

Aundrea Gardner is experimenting with several styles and media.  This first piece is a layered piece with the butterflies scattering a glowing trail of light.

Shane Hubert is also experimenting with mixed media to show off his creative conceptual pieces.  This "moon scape"  tells a story of life and death, sin and redemption.

Drawing I Feb/March, 2012

These are the Drawing I students' first charcoal drawings.  

Andrew Horn

Dakota Webber

Denray Ottey, Drawing II charcoal

Kayla Bartlett

Kayla Bartlett

close up of owl, Kayla Bartlett

Shannon Hansen

Tasha Young