Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Annual High School Teacher Retreat - Crocheted Copper Wire Beading

Workshop presenter, Beth DeMont from White City/Hope High School, with her assistant, high school student Amber.

A wonderful day of learning new techniques, sharing news, projects, and professional tips, as well as enjoying the great company and a perfect Indian Summer October day.

(Left to Right) Alicia Stott, Tamara Constable, April Spicer, and Jennifer Wolff getting reacquainted.

(Left to Right) Amber, April Spicer, Alicia Stott, Tamara Constable, Jennifer Wolff, and Rachelle Cole hard at work.

Finishing touches, Laura Stunkel taking it all in while Beth DeMont demonstrates.

Teachers with their completed necklaces.

Jennifer Wolff - Beloit High School

Laura Stunkel - Clyde High School

Alicia Stott - Solomon High School

April Spicer - Marysville High School

Tamara Constable - Tescott/Bennington High School

Rachelle Cole - Minneapolis High School